Steal the Show with True Brilliance Whitening System


Wearing the best attires for looking confident is necessary, but if the features on the face like the teeth are not perfect, then such confidence won’t really matter. Yellow teeth, swollen gums, bad breath are few issues that can snatch away a person’s confidence I am glad that I could change my miserable life to a fulfilling one because of a teeth whitening technique. At first, I was quite apprehensive about the cosmetic procedure, but then I regained confidence in implementing it by the suggestion offered to me by a friend. One such product that returned my smile is the True Brilliance pen.

Not only True Brilliance pen can be applied within few seconds, but it also brings a shine to the teeth along with whitening. With this, people with teeth problem no longer need to visit a dentist. Hence, now you can offer your beautiful smile anywhere you go with your white and healthy teeth. A review by a school teacher said, “As a teacher, it is my duty to feel and look good from the outside and the inside so that I can be a role model for my students, hence this pen has made it possible for me to be one.”

Lifting stains from the teeth can be quite a challenging situation. True Brilliance pen that happens to be one of the best teeth whitening techniques in the current times can help in the best ways. This is because of the ingredients that are found in this product. The ingredients are:

  • Carbomer – It is a whitening agent that has an oxidizing result because of which the whitest color of the teeth can be unlocked.
  • Kosher glycerin – The formula that this pen utilizes gets automatically enhanced due to this ingredient that in turn offers the finest whitening performance.
  • Peppermint Oil – With its anti-bacterial properties, it works the best for gum and mouth infections.



  • The pen is appropriate for sensitive teeth as it contains peroxide
  • It can fit into your purse easily that makes it suitable for traveling purposes
  • Solidifies the teeth in few days
  • Brings out deposited food particles from the teeth with ease
  • Eradicating all kinds of stains from the teeth is possible


  • This product is not appropriate for lactating women
  • People with braces must not utilize this pen
  • It must not be used if any of the ingredients cause allergies
  • The shining effect will start fading away after two days of application
  • Sharpness of teeth can decrease with regular use
  • It not appropriate for people with sensitivity issues

Brighter Teeth Can Now Be Achieved Very Easily by Following Three Essential Steps.

  • After drying teeth, the user must dispense the gel by rotating the bottom of the pen
  • After applying onto the teeth, the lips must not come in contact with the teeth for 60 seconds
  • No food or drink must be consumed within one hour of using the pen. The gel can be rinsed after fifteen minutes.

This gel has gained such recognition among users because of its effectual composition. Though looks like a small device, it can offer you numerous benefits. However, before you use the gel, brushing the teeth before it is necessary. Also, brushing teeth is an activity that must not be missed even for a day as it is the biggest reasons for which food particles get deposited that eventually makes you lose the shine you always want to see on your teeth.

As you check the reviews before buying this product, you will also come across this information that numerous Hollywood celebrities are also nowadays utilizing this for the best shine. Hence, by using this product, you will obtain your “Hollywood smile” which will make you feel really special. Forget about all kinds of insecurities, smile more, enjoy with your friends, have your black coffee and live like never before with this product.

Reasons for gum problems

This pen is so effective that you can even get the shine only after one application. Gum and teeth care holds utmost importance in a person’s life as it also leads to the overall well-being. The occurrence of stained and dark teeth undergoes a plethora of reasons. A mineral substance called enamel covers the three layer structures of your teeth that are full of ridges, holes, and pits. These holes over the years get filled with food coloring that can then lead to stains even when brushed regularly. Tea, wine, and tobacco are few things that can also lead to dark teeth.

How does it work?

Most of The Other Products Are Bad to Use- In many studies, scientists have researched about various whitening systems, and in most of them, the experts have found twenty-two percent carbamide peroxide. This ingredient is also present in the revolutionary True Brilliance pen that cracks down into urea and hydrogen peroxide. On reacting with oxygen, hydrogen peroxide lifts away the minute elements of stains that then lead to whiter teeth. Teeth whiteners actually function in the way that is never possible by non-bleaching items. However, products that are based on peroxide will not offer any such enhancements for intrinsic stains.

One must remember that all kinds of teeth are not suitable for obtaining the whitening effect from these products. This is also true for people with crowns and fillings in their mouth. Patients with yellow teeth will get better whitening results than gray teeth that can cause due to chain smoking. Secondly, age does matter as well. Young teeth will get better whitening results than an older set of teeth.

Good for Hypersensitive Teeth- Sensitivity issues in the teeth can cause due to fractured teeth, gum disease, cavities, worn fillings and much more. Enamel layer, cementum, and dentin can be found in healthy teeth that act as bodyguards. When the cementum and enamel fail to work properly, the dentin gets exposed to acidic drinks and food that can lead to sensitivity. However, when you use the teeth whitening products, the carbamide peroxide present in the products can give a feeling of sensitivity as well.

Side effects from the ingredients

Before using products like the teeth whitening pen, users must first take a look at the probable side effects. Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide that is the main ingredient because of its oxidation function can lead to gum sensitivity but not for all users. This feeling will eventually subside when used this product regularly.

Most importantly, in case the whitening product is hurting you, you must stop using it. There are many kinds of toothpaste that you can use for preventing sensitivity during your entire whitening process. Evaluate the condition of your teeth first and then take further steps.


Summing up

When choosing your teeth whitening product, make sure you go through the ingredient list. The product must not contain hydrogen peroxide more than ten percent. Also planning ahead before you start to use is important as these products will only start showing results after continuous use for at least fourteen days. Next time you want to prepare yourself for a wedding or any big event, make sure you plan ahead. However, no use must ever overuse that will eventually lead to painful sensitivity issues.

Wait no longer and order True brilliance pen today online for obtaining dazzling smile. However, following the steps is important if you want results sooner. Make your smile your most precious asset by obtaining this professional cleaning service at home. You also no longer have to worry about attending your social events because of your poor teeth. As now you have the True Brilliance gel that is a highly sought after product in the industry in the recent times. A glimmering smile is what your buddies and family will always expect every time they meet you. Brighten up their day as well with your clear and beautiful smile

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